About Central Coast Basketball

In recent years, our basketball club has grown from strength to strength.

From winning the Waratah League Mens Championship to negotiating the removal of the significant loan on our stadium, we are now as strong on the court as we are in the community.

Removing the loan also removed the need to separate the Gosford City Basketball Association from the Gosford City Basketball as two independent entities, and so we’ve combined them into one new organisation, Central Coast Basketball.

Introducing Central Coast Basketball

This our our new association, responsible for all teams, competitions and stadium management.

This new name opens a new chapter in our rich history and points us squarely towards an exciting future.

In the new year, as we prepare for another season, you will notice that we will start using our new name in communications that relate to our club and competitions – for example, our website will look different in 2020 as part of this change.

But the new association and name won’t mean changes to everything, we’ll still be cheering as hard as ever to build on the success of the Crusaders and Rebels – we have no plans to change the names of our teams, they are well recognised and very highly regarded throughout New South Wales.

And, we will continue to partner with Breakers who kindly sponsor our stadium, namely Breakers Indoor Sports Stadium.

We very fortunate to have a strong membership as part of a close-knit basketball community, and an equally strong team of staff and Board Directors whose personal commitment, sports experience and corporate expertise have guided the club’s success so far.

Central Coast Basketball FAQ’s:

What is Central Coast Basketball?

Central Coast Basketball in the name of our association – what used to be called the Gosford City Basketball Association. We’re the same association, same people, same teams and so on.

Why change the name?

The old name was part of the old commercial structure to protect the association while we had a significant loan on the stadium. Now that we’ve successfully negotiated the removal of the loan, we wanted to bring the association and stadium together under one new name and brand.

What does the name change mean in practical terms?

The change in name will mean you’ll receive communications about the club, teams, competitions and other activities Central Coast Basketball. You’ll also notice a new brand for Central Coast Basketball appearing not only on those communications and the website but also around the courts and on playing kits.

Does the change in name impact the Central Coast Crusaders or Gosford City Rebels?

Central Coast Basketball is the name of our association, it does not change anything about how we’re managing those teams and our basketball programs in general – in fact, it ought to make those programs stronger as a result of having a stronger association behind them.

Why change the name of association if the teams, programs and so on will remain the same?

The new name brings the association and stadium under one organisation, something that’s important to do if we’re to secure a positive future for everyone involved – not only players, but also the likes of Basketball NSW, sponsors and other stakeholders who support us on and off the court. By investing time and energy into a strong brand like Central Coast Basketball behind us at an administrative level, we can develop our teams and programs to be bigger and better than ever.