Meet Our Board – Ian Robilliard

How did you get involved with Central Coast Basketball?

I became involved with Central Coast Basketball when my son’s began playing basketball in 2003.

I assisted by in the Junior Coaching Program by coaching my sons under 12’s team in 2003 and continued in a coaching capacity until 2014, when my youngest son finished in under 18’s.  During this time, I also played as the State League Team, this team didn’t have a coach so I played / coached for a couple of years to get that off the ground and to help fill a void in the coaching ranks.

From 2015, I moved into the Senior Coaching Program and have continued to remain involved as a member of the coaching staff. In addition to coaching, I also played in 2008 and 2009.

What year did you join the Board?

I am currently serving my second term on the Board. My first term was from 2007-2010, when I was the Founding Chair to start the Crusaders Senior Representative Program. My second term commenced in 2017 when I was approached by Kieren Moore to re-join the Board.

What are your key responsibilities on the Board?

The Strategic ‘Pillar’ I have involvement with is Basketball Operations, which aligns well with my expertise and experience in this space.

What are you most looking forward to for the future of Central Coast Basketball?

Moving forward, the focus must be on sustainability and strategies to future proof the business.  Over the years I’ve enjoyed and been a part of some remarkable success stories none more so that the first Senior Men’s Waratah Championship Title win in 2019. That said, I recall the first junior boys title won by an U12 team I coached back in 2008, that win also created history and along the way there have been plenty of amazing result for a relatively small sized association.  I’d like to see these type of results continue to be a goal for future players.

One key aspect I was always mindful of when coaching representative players’ winning was important, not the be all and end all, but it is a gauge of how effective the development programs, plans, pathways and strategies are being lived out by our members.

Basketball is a great game and with hard work success is a logical by-product. I’d like to see Central Coast Basketball the most revered Basketball Association in Australia, through the provision of the best programs available.  We also need another 4 courts, including a show court that can seat no less than 4,500 people!

Career Biography:

Ian Robilliard has a remarkable sporting and business background; described by some as ‘typically Australian’ he is anything but typical! 

Ian Robilliard has a diverse sporting background; he has received extensive awards and honors’ in both Rugby Union and Basketball in a career that spans in excess of thirty years as a player, coach and administrator. 

In Rugby Union, Ian played first grade in the highly competitive Sydney Shute Shied for Parramatta (1979); while in high school he represented NSW Schools (1978), and the Rest of Australia (1977). Ian represented NSW Country (1987) during a playing stint at Terrigal (1987-88) where he received the Central Coast Player of the Year Award in 1987; he was later selected in the Terrigal Trojans Team of the Decade for the 1980’s. 

Ian Robilliard combined his Rugby talents with Basketball, where he became the first NSW player to ever Captain an Australian Basketball team when he represented Australia in the U20 World Championships in Brazil in 1977; he was a member of the Australian Olympic squad between 1979 – 1984, he represented Australian when he competed in a test match series in Melbourne Park in 1981. In the National Basketball League (NBL) he won numerous awards at the Newcastle Flacons and Sydney Kings; In Newcastle he was selected in Ten (10) Best Players in the Twenty year history of the Newcastle Falcons NBL Team (1979 – 1998), and for the Sydney Kings the Most Inspirational Player 1989 and 1991 before he moved into the coaching ranks as Assistant Coach to Bob Turner in 1992 & 1993. In 2000 Ian Robilliard received an Australian Sports Medal for his contribution to Basketball. 

In 2010 Ian Robilliard accepted an offer to be the Head Coach of the Sydney Kings (2010 and 2011), a challenge of considerable proportions! It is history that the Kings didn’t excel on the court during their first season 2010-11, yet many people have described the return season of the Sydney Kings as one to envy. The Sydney Kings led the league in crowd attendance, merchandise sales, website traffic and in many eyes ‘cultural elements’ foreign to other clubs; many of these performance measures attributable to the leadership of the head coach. 

The Sydney Kings is an iconic Australian Sporting brand and Ian Robilliard’s knowledge of the development of ‘Cultural DNA’ and how to empower people around him has been widely acclaimed in both sport and business. His unique skills in leadership are well known to those who work with him, this is evident by the success he has enjoyed in both the sports sector and the sports business sector. 

In 2011 Ian Robilliard agreed to a request by the Board of the Sydney Kings to move from the Head Coach position to the CEO position. Ian Robilliard undertook the CEO role in a transitional capacity, his loyalties lay on the Central Coast and in particular with the Central Coast Academy of Sport. Ian undertook his CEO role while continuing his Managing Directorships with the Central Coast Academy of Sport and the Gold Coast Academy of Sport. Ian relinquished his role as the CEO of the Sydney Kings in October 2012 to concentrate fully on the Central Coast and Gold Coast Academies of Sport. 

In business, Ian Robilliard has an on-going defining career; as the National Education Director and then Chief Operations Officer (a position second to the CEO) of the PGA of Australia (1993 – 2003) he oversaw a period of extensive growth of the PGA of Australia; history will show many programs and event are now duplicated and licensed around the world. Ian left the PGA of Australia, as he was unwilling to move his family to Melbourne where the PGA of Australia was relocating the Head Office, this became the catalyst to develop the most envied Regional Academy of Sport in Australia, the Central Coast Academy of Sport. 

Ian left the PGA of Australia (Dec 2003) to establish from scratch the Central Coast Academy of Sport (2004), the Central Coast Academy of Sport is an incredible success story and one synonymous with his astute leadership and untiring drive. The Central Coast Academy of Sport is an organization known for its high level of integrity and professional business dealings; the Central Coast Academy is a benchmark for regional excellence. In 2009 the Central Coast Academy model was established on the Gold Coast under license and guidance of Ian Robilliard, a clear sign of a business model worthy of duplication. In 2015 Ian was awarded the Outstanding Service to Central Coast Sport by the Central Coast Sports Federation, this award rightfully acknowledging his untiring efforts for Central Coast athletes. 

In 2017 Ian Robilliard received an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for his service to sport as a player, coach and administrator, due recognition for his years of tireless work in the sports industry. 

Ian Robilliard is an accomplished public speaker; he regularly provides seminars and public speaking engagements across a variety of topics focused upon his knowledge of performance measures in business and sport. 

Ian Robilliard leads an incredibly active and full life, married to Christine, with three Son’s (Sam, Jack and Oliver) he continues to drive opportunities’ for sportspeople at all levels of sport through his active involvement with the Central Coast Academy of Sport. Ian Robilliard is quietly spoken and understated, he is an unsung hero of Australian Sport and what he has done for athletes, coaches and administrators of the Central Coast is potentially second to none.