Meet Our Board – Kellie Hassab

How did you get involved with Central Coast Basketball?

I became involved with Central Coast Basketball in 2005 when my son Nick Hassab, began playing in the local domestic competition, his team was called ‘The Kings’.

What year did you join the Board?

I joined our Board of Directors in 2015.

What are your key responsibilities on the Board?

As President I support the CCB Team and Board wherever possible. With my background in property development, I also assist with capital expansion.

What are you most looking forward to for the future of Central Coast Basketball?

I’m looking forward to growing the sport of basketball on the Central Coast and building on our reputation as an Association that prides itself on best practice in all that we do.

Career Biography:

A qualified Land Surveyor and Registered Planner with a postgraduate qualification in Environmental Studies, Kellie Hassab has a keen interest in and passion for sustainable land development. She takes a holistic view to the process, considering the economic, social and environmental needs and implications of every project from inception through to completion.

As NSW Manager and Director of Beveridge Williams and former Director and Principal of Tuggerah based land development consultancy firm, Trehy Ingold Neate since 2007, Kellie manages a range of land development projects from government and private commercial to privately owned residential developments.

Recognising an interest in project management and planning early in her career, Kellie moved relatively quickly from her first job in Newcastle to Trehy Ingold Neate in 1997 and then as Manager at Beveridge Williams in 2018. As a woman in a traditionally male dominated field, Kellie has made her mark within her workplace and the industry at large. In 2000, Kellie was bestowed the honour of being awarded the inaugural Young Surveyor of the Year Award by the Institute of Surveyors NSW Inc and in 2015 as the first female Board member of Consulting Surveyors NSW.

As a Central Coast resident since childhood and a mother of two, Kellie views her role as more than just a job. She believes it’s about maintaining the lifestyle and desirable living environment we enjoy on the Central Coast by supporting local businesses and integrated land development projects. Keenly aware that she is part of an industry that helps to shape the world in which we live, Kellie strives to find a balance between sustainable land development to protect it for future generations, legislative compliance and fulfilling client expectations.