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We are excited to launch a fresh look for Central Coast Basketball.

Our new brand identity has been several years in progress, however COVID played a role in delaying the final phases. To get to this point, we’ve surveyed, we’ve strategised, and together we’ve crafted a new way forward for our club. It’s fresh and professional but pays homage to our past. This signifies a new area for Central Coast Basketball, as we emerged from the impacts of COVID-19, having grown from the experience. 


Part of this process has been looking at who we are as a basketball community. It was important for us to revisit our purpose, mission and values to ensure that as we move forward we provide the best we can for our members.

OUR PURPOSE: To provide a premier basketball and sporting experience.

OUR MISSION: To engage the community with premier facilities that promote and grow recreational programs and sporting activities for healthy lifestyles.


  • Welcoming
  • Persistent
  • Positive
  • Proud


We’re here to play …

Whether we are in the office, the stands, the bench or on the court – playing the game we love is all that matters. We play to win, but we never lose the joy. With a focus on the experience, not the end result, we play with freedom that sparks our creativity, and inspires people to get involved. This excites our community, delights our sponsors, fuels our players, ignites our supporters and stokes our tenacity.

We never say never …

On and off the court, from the first touch to the final siren, we’re committed and competitive. We relentlessly work to improve ourselves – but not because we want to beat our opponent, rather because we’re driven to be our best. From one season to another, we’re always looking for pathways to grow in our relentless pursuit to add a competitive edge to everything we do and everyone we meet.

We’re in this together …

We’re a team. A club. A community. We’re proud and loyal. We care and we trust one another to be supportive. Building these positive relationships is important to our sense of belonging and shared accountability, on and off the court. We are inclusive and value diversity, we create a place where everyone feels welcome and we encourage them to shine.