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Thank you to all the players who have trialed over the recent weekends. It was a pleasure for our Coaches to see such talented athletes going out and trying their best, playing the game they love.

With over 300 Athletes trialing for 170 team spots there is no doubt the competition is extremely tough.

A couple of things for your information regarding trials:

  • Announcements for Under 12, 14, 16 Women and Men and the Under 18 Women, will be out by Friday 10th December. These will be announced on our website and links posted on our social media Facebook and Instagram.
  • Announcements for Under 18 Men will be out by Friday 17th December.


The selection criteria our panel of selectors were looking for are:

  • Athletic Ability / Potential
  • Playing Ability
  • Teamwork
  • Attitude
  • Composition and Balance of Teams

In addition, there are 6 Rebels Club characteristics we want to find in our older age groups aim to develop in our younger athletes.

  1. Resilience – Our athletes train and compete with the singular purpose of reaching their potential and helping those around them reach theirs. When things go wrong, our athletes find a way to get back up and move forward.
  2. Shooting Ability – it is the master skill, and our best athletes are elite shooters
  3. 1 v 1 Offensive Ability – high-performing athletes have the skillset and decision-making ability to make plays in a 1v1 situation
  4. 1 v 1 Defensive Ability – our best athletes require no help. They keep the ball in front of them and do not get screened
  5. Decision Making – on both the offensive and defensive ends, these athletes continuously make the correct decision. And they get there by being coachable.
  6. Teamwork – our players have the ability to be selfless and have a “what is best for the team” mentality.


Feedback process:

Once the 2022 Rebels selections have been announced our decisions are final. If you would like to provide us with any general feedback, this can be done via a form, which will be open 48 hours after the selection announcement. A link to the feedback form will be issued with the announcement communications. Our team are committed to work our way through this feedback, but please be mindful that this process may take some time and will be interrupted by the Christmas break.


New Development program:

With so much talent at this year’s trials our coaching staff are working on developing a program for our athletes of all ages who are looking for further growth in the game with a vision to create a pathway to a Rebels representative team. It is an exciting opportunity that provides elite coaching under the guidance of our Rebels Coaches. Invitations will be sent out after the team announcements with more information.


Once again we thank you for choosing to trial for Central Coast Rebels.

Suzy Miller Interim GM & Mikko von Lueders Director of Coaching

Central Coast Basketball