Jasmine Forcadilla (C)

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Age:: 22

Position:: Combo Guard

How old were you when you began playing basketball:: 8 Years Old

What is your most memorable basketball moment?: Playing for Australia at the U17 World Champs in Czech Republic

Who is your all-time favourite player?: Sabrina Ionescu - senior guard currently playing for the Oregon Ducks. She just became the first player EVER to score 2,000 points, 1,000 rebounds and 1,000 assists in the whole NCAA. I got to verse her twice. Once as a 15 year old at the pre-worlds tournament in Italy where she suited up for USA and the second time was last year at college.

Which team do you follow in the NBL / WNBL ?: Sydney Kings!

Which team to do you follow in the NBA / WNBA ? : I was on the Warriors bandwagon for a while when I was living in the Bay Area but I’ve always had a soft spot for any team with Aussies. Philadelphia, Utah and Milwaukee are on my radar.

What is your main focus for this season? : To learn! We have a lot of new faces and returners like myself. It’s been fun figuring out how to motivate each other and push ourselves.

What is your favourite thing to do before a game?: I have to have my nails done and my hair straightened - look good feel good, right? Right before a game I like listening to music.

What’s one thing that not very many people know about you?: I love designing and making clothes. I am currently working on a few pieces.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?: I’ve been trying to read more. I recently finished a book called The Defining Decade by Meg Jay which discusses why your twenty somethings matter. So good!