Jonalyn Wittwer

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Position:: Small Forward

How old were you when you began playing basketball:: 5

What is your most memorable basketball moment?: Playing in the state championship game my senior year of high school.

Which team do you follow in the NBL / WNBL ?: Sydney Kings, Sydney Flames and Canberra Caps

Which team to do you follow in the NBA / WNBA ? : Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Mercury

What is your main focus for this season? : During preseason I was learning a lot of different positions in our offense, so my focus is to contribute to our team in whatever role I’m put in. As well as expand my game as an individual player, taking a chance to work on my penetration game.

What is your favourite thing to do before a game?: Eat. I love to have a meal about 3 hrs before I play to fuel my body. Sometimes it might just be a good ol’ PB&J and a banana.

What’s one thing that not very many people know about you?: Not everyone may know that I am currently studying a Doctor of Physiotherapy at Macquarie Uni.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?: I love being outdoors, swimming, hiking, sightseeing, and just being in the sun. Since I’m still new to Australia I also love exploring new places.