Tom Akamarmoi

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Age:: 23

Position:: Shooting Guard

How old were you when you began playing basketball:: 7 years old

What is your most memorable basketball moment?: My first ever competitive in-game dunk playing for Sydney north school team on court 3 of Maitland Basketball Stadium. I was on a fast break, faked a lob to Jonah Bolden (Name Drop) then dunked it myself on their center

Which team do you follow in the NBL / WNBL ?: Cairns

Which team to do you follow in the NBA / WNBA ? : Philadelphia 76ers

What is your main focus for this season? : Become Back to Back champions

What is your favourite thing to do before a game?: Listen to my music and hype videos

What’s one thing that not very many people know about you?: I am half Australian and Half South Sudanese, born in Perth

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?: Gym, try and improve the mind and body for when it's old, so I can play ball forever