Central Coast Basketball Approved Individual Coaches Agreement

Central Coast Basketball Approved “Individual” Coaches

Why is CCB introducing approval for Coaches that conduct individual/small group sessions?

There is a growing number of CCB members (particularly juniors) seeking to improve their skills through doing sessions with a coach and many of them are done at Breakers Indoor Sports Stadium. CCB wants to ensure:

  • Parents (and the athletes) get value for money.
  • Sessions are safe for the athlete.
  • Athletes are taught appropriate and contemporary skills.

CCB has also received complaints from time to time from parents where a scheduled individual session could not be conducted because no court was available. By giving approved coaches a preferential rate for booking a court, we hope to ensure that parents are not inconvenienced where courts are not available.


What does a CCB approved coach receive?

Once approved a CCB coach can:

  • Book a half court at 20% discount per half hour / hour (including GST).
  • Covered under CCB insurance, when coaching a member of CCB Representative or domestic program.
  • Book courts more than 7 days in advance.
  • Have their details included on our website, which is where we direct enquiries from members about finding a coach to do individual sessions.
  • Book courts at times not available for general public bookings (e.g. 6.45am – 9am). This may not be available every day of the week. Please note, court bookings are made via our website bistadium.com.au. Courts are not booked by contacting CCB staff.
  • Discuss with CCB Development staff the specific development needs of athletes they are coaching.


What does a CCB approved coach have to do:

To gain approval from CCB, a coach must:

  • Sign, and abide by, the Approved Coach Agreement Form (below).
  • Attend at least two CCB or BNSW coaching clinics each year.
  • Where the coach is coaching CCB representative players, incorporate any direction from CCB Development staff on the identified development needs of the athlete.
  • Be assessed as satisfactory by CCB, which will include observation of at least two sessions conducted by the coach. In making the assessment consideration will be given to:
    • planning of the session.
    • meeting the development needs of the athlete.
    • the tempo at which the session is conducted.

CCB assessment is only to determine, if the coach meets a minimum standard to develop the skills of individual athletes. There will be a variance between the standard of coaches that have CCB approval.

The assessment will be carried out by CCB coaches with national and/or international experience in the individual development of athletes.


What if a coach is not CCB approved?

A coach that does not have CCB approval may still conduct individual sessions at Breakers Indoor Sports Stadium, subject to court availability. However, a non-approved coach must pay for the court at the publicly available rate, can only book courts up to 7 days in advance, is not covered under CCB insurance and can only book courts in times that the courts are open to the general public.

Athletes may “shoot-a-round” at a cost of $7, and CCB Junior Representative players may do so at no cost. However, where it is apparent that athletes are being coached, this rate does not apply and the coach will be required to book the court.


Central Coast Basketball Approved Coach Agreement

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