2021 Season Coach Appointments:

On behalf of Central Coast Basketball, we are absolutely honoured to announce our Coach appointments for the 2021 Spalding NSW Waratah League Season.
Waratah 1 Men – CHRIS OHLBACK
“Having made the decision to assist across both the Championship Men’s and Youth League Men’s Programs in 2020, I am looking forward to once again being charged with the responsibility to lead the Championship Men’s Team in 2021.’

After having sustained success in the Youth League Program for a number of years it is important that as a Club we continue to transition players into the Championship Program to ensure long term success and I take this responsibility very seriously.

I look forward to the challenge that 2021 presents after a disruptive 2020 due to the pandemic and hopefully we will be able to put together a competitive roster which will represent the club and region with distinction.”

Waratah 1 Women – JARED SCOINES
“It is an honour to be entrusted to continue to Coach our Central Coast Crusaders Championship Women for the 2021 season.
I’m proud of the what we started in 2020 and we’ll continue striving for growth in pursuit of banner number ‘1’.”

Waratah 1 Youth Men – MIKKO VON LUEDERS
“My appointment as coach to the 2021 Men’s Youth League team is an honour that is equal parts humbling and exciting. Fresh off of a terrific season serving as an assistant coach for the Championship women, I am thrilled to be given this opportunity. Obviously the YLM Crusaders did the club and its fans extremely proud. I look forward to bringing my experience, my passion for the game, a collaborative mindset and a competitive spirit to the group in our pursuit of sustained excellence. Obviously the players will have tasted the ultimate glory and we will no doubt have a target on our backs moving forward. I welcome the inevitable challenge of having each opponent giving us their absolute best effort. Coaching is servant leadership and I feel very privileged to serve our club, our players and our fans in our mission to make 2021 a huge success.”

Waratah 1 Youth Women – WILL GRANGER
“Central Coast Basketball is definitely a basketball community that I am excited to be a part of again in 2021. We would like to build a winning culture with a team that is consistently striving to better themselves and the people around them and that has a chance each year of winning a championship. Obviously, we will endeavour to put together the best possible playing and coaching group. Not only do we want good players and coaches but, it’s just as important to me that they are good people. Bring on 2021. Go Cru!”

Waratah 2 Men – DAVE HIGGINS
“I am excited and proud to be appointed once again to be the head coach of our Waratah Div2 Men’s team. Due to the 2020 pandemic we were unable to play so there is a real feel out there that there is unfinished business and excitement around the opportunity to be competing again in the Waratah League. I personally cannot wait to get back on the floor and to have the selected team improving, executing and competing on every play. I look forward and welcome the challenges that the competition presents, 2021 cannot come quickly enough!”

Waratah 2 Youth Men – CHRIS COLLINS