3 x 3 Competition

3×3 is a fast-paced, shortened form of basketball. – It’s new, fun, and perfect for players of all abilities.

Central Coast Basketball ran a trial 3 x 3 event in July this year which was a huge success with players thoroughly enjoying the games and structure of the event. Following on from this success, we are very excited to launch our first official 3 x 3 competition which will commence on the 16th October and run for 9 weeks.

Our 3 x 3 competition will be hosted at Breakers Indoor Sports Stadium on Fridays from 4pm-10pm and includes age groups Under 13’s, Under 15’s, Under 18’s, Open Age and Masters (40 and over).

The younger age groups will be allocated the earlier time slots with the older age groups allocated the later time slots.

Players will be able to enjoy their Friday nights the right way – Basketball, Beats and Good Times!





What dates does the competition run for?

The competition will run for 9 weeks in total, commencing on Friday 23rd October 2020 and concluding on Friday 11th December 2020.


How many games do we get to play each week?

Each team will get to play 3 games each Friday night in a round robin style ‘game on / game off’ draw.


How much does it cost to participate?


Annual Registration:

Each player is required to pay a Basketball NSW registration fee which provides injury insurance for a 12-month period. The cost for this is as follows:

  • Under 8 – $65
  • 8 years – 11 years – $85
  • 12 years – 17 years – $115
  • 18 years and over – $135

Throughout the online registration process this will show as two separate amounts which will total the amount listed above. More information about this can be found by clicking the following link:


Active kids’ vouchers can be used to cover annual registration costs.


Team Nominations:

Each team will need to pay a nomination fee of $50 when entering a team nomination.

If your team isn’t successful in securing a place in the competition, this fee will be refunded.


Game fees:

Each player will be required to pay $110 for the 9 week competition.


How much of the court will be used?

Games will be played on a standard half court.


What size balls will be used?

Under 13’s and Women’s games will use size 6 basketball. All other age groups / divisions will use a size 7 basketball.


How many players should each team include?

Each team can have up to 4 Players : 3 player on the court + 1 substitute


Will age divisions be graded?

Not at this stage, teams will be entered into the appropriate age division. As the competition evolves over the coming seasons, we will consider the option of grading each age division.


Who gets initial possession?

There will be a ‘toss of the coin’ at the start of each game, the winner gets initial possession.


How are the games scored?

Teams will be allocated 1 point inside the arc. 2 points outside the arc.


How long does each game run for?

Each game will run for 10 minutes or once a team reaches 21 Points (whichever occurs first).


Will there be overtime if the score is tied?

Yes, the first team to score 2 or more points in over time will then win the game.


Will there be a shot clock?

Yes, the shot clock will be 12 Seconds. The referee will warn and count down the last 5 seconds.


When can we substite players?

Teams can substitute players when the ball becomes dead prior to a check.


How many officials will be allocated to each game?

We will provide one referee per game.


How are fouls managed?

A team is in a penalty situation after it has committed 6 fouls. Team fouls 7, 8 and 9 shall always be awarded with 2 free throws.


When do team nominations close?

Team nominations close on the 9th October 2020 unless filled prior.


How is the ball is played?

A player from a non-scoring team will resume the game by dribbling or passing the ball from inside the court directly underneath the basket (not from behind the end line) to a place on the court behind the arc. The defensive team is not allowed to play for the ball in the “no-charge semi-circle area” underneath the basket.



New to 3 x 3? Check out the video below that explains the rules of the game:

By competing in a Central Coast Basketball Competition, you are agreeing to abide by the Central Coast Basketball & Breakers Indoor Sports Stadium Competition By-Laws, Codes of Conduct, Fee Schedule and Risk Policy. Click here to view policies.