Central Coast Schools Challenge 2020


Welcome to the first edition of the Central Coast School Challenge. Established to provide a tangible opportunity for junior basketball development. This tournament is for government, independent and private schools across the Central Coast, meaning the best of the best compete against each other regardless their affiliations.



  • YEAR 3&4 THURSDAY 19th NOVEMBER 2020
  • YEAR 5&6 FRIDAY 20th NOVEMBER 2020



Breakers Indoor Sports Stadium, Duffys Rd, Terrigal NSW 2260



  • FIBA rules apply except where stated below:
  • Regulations Changes:
  • Year 3&4 will play with a Size 5 Basketball. Year 5&6 will play with a size 6 Basketball.
  • Hoop Height will be 8.6 Ft
  • A new 3-Point Line will be marked closer than regulation.
  • Timing:
  • All games will be 16-minute halves (running clock).
  • Last two minutes are fully timed (within 10 points)
  • Half time is 2 minutes.
  • 1 time out in 1st half, 2-time outs in 2nd half (clock will be stopped).
  • No shot clock.
  • 5-minute warm up period.
  • If a game results in a draw, there will be a 3-minute overtime added until a winner is determined.
  • Each team will get a minimum of 3 matches
  • 8:00 am start 3:00 pm finish



  • All referees will be supplied through Central Coast Basketball.



  • There are no win/loss records or standings at the Challenge. But all games are scored and the competition is immense.



  • $200.00 per team RSVP by 5th November 2020.



All other matters or decisions regarding the tournament will be made at the discretion of the tournament organiser. Luke Cassidy luke@ccbasketball.com.au