Our Junior Domestic Winter Competition is now underway

This competition is our in-house competition for the junior age groups which include under 8s, under 10s, under 12s, under 14s, under 16s, under 18s and under 20s.

Junior basketball is the perfect way for players to join the sport or continue with their passion for basketball. The skills that players develop throughout their basketball journey include decision making, working as a team, ball handling skills, passing, shooting and footwork in a supportive environment while making lifelong friends.

The age groups for the winter comp are as followed:
  • U8: 2014/15 – Wednesday
  • U10: 2012/13 – Wednesday
  • U12: 2010/11 – Thursday/Friday
  • U14: 2008/09 – Tuesday/Friday
  • U16: 2006/07 – Monday/Friday
  • U18: 2004/05 – Monday/Friday
  • U20: 2002/03 – Wednesday/Friday



When does the competition run?

The competition will commence on Monday the 19th of April 2021 and run until Friday 17th September 2021.


Will there be a break for during school holidays?

Yes, the competition will break for the NSW public school holiday periods. This needs to be factored in – teams that play on public holidays generally receive a credit for their games missed if their games are not rescheduled to another night



Will overflow games still be played on a Friday?

Yes, for select age groups.


How much does it cost to play?

Annual Registration:

Each player is required to pay a Basketball NSW registration fee which provides injury insurance for a 12-month period.

The cost for this is as follows:

  • Under 8 – $65
  • 8 years – 11 years – $85
  • 12 years – 17 years – $115
  • 18 years and over – $135

Throughout the online registration process this will show as two separate amounts which will total the amount listed above. More information about this can be found by clicking the following link:

Active kids’ vouchers can be used to cover annual registration costs.


Team Nominations:

Each team will need to pay a nomination fee when entering a team nomination:

Under 7’s and Under 9’s – $60 per team

Under 11’s-Under 21’s – $90 per team

If your team isn’t successful in securing a place in the competition, this fee will be refunded


Game fees:

Each player will be required to pay the following game fees for the competition:

  • Under 8’s – $140 total
  • Under 10’s-Under 20’s – $180 total

Game fees are due Friday 4th June 2021 – late payment of game fees can result in players not being able to participate in games.

Active kids’ vouchers can be used to cover game fees.


But previously we have paid game fees per game?

Yes, that’s correct. Previously there was a team nomination fee of $80 per team then game fees were charged per game, which ranged from $60-$80 per game. We have implemented a new competition IT system this year which has a changed structure where fees are charged per player, so we have converted the average of what most teams paid over a competition and converted this into a per player fee. We understand that some players will be paying less than they would under the previous structure (teams with 5-6 players) but that there are instances some players will pay slightly more (teams with 8-9 players). We have made every effort to make this conversion as fair as possible and strongly recommend that teams are kept to 7 players to avoid excess game fees.


How many players should I have on my team?

Teams are required to have a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 10 players. As mentioned above, we recommend that teams aim to include 7 players to ensure that game fees are consistent with our previous system.


Will teams be charged a forfeit fee if the forfeit is caused by their team?

Yes, there will be a forfeit fee of $70 for notified forfeits and $135 for unnotified forfeits which will need to be paid prior to the next game. If forfeit fees aren’t paid by this date, the team will not be able to take the court for future games. Teams may be disqualified from the competition after two forfeits.


How many grades will there be?

This depends on how many teams enter the competition. But as a general guideline, there is an A grade, B grade and C grade and possibly D grade.


What if we nominate into the wrong grade?

The first four weeks will be grading, so we will move teams up or down grades if required after the initial 4 weeks of the competition. We want our players to enjoy the competition and not feel like they are up against teams who have a vastly different skill level.


When do team nominations open for the Summer Competition?

Team nominations will open at the end of term 3 (September 2021).


How do I submit a team nomination?

Team nominations can be submitted via our website www.bistadium.com.au 


What if I don’t have a team?

If you don’t have a team, complete our ‘looking for a team form’ which can be found by clicking the link below. We will then try to match you up with other players or put you in contact with other teams who are looking for a player.



What if I am brand new to basketball?

That’s absolutely fine! Everyone needs to start somewhere! We would recommend enrolling into one of our development programs such as our Aussie Hoops or Rising Rebels sessions. These programs run each school term and are conducted by our team of fantastic coaches. The programs teach players the skills that will benefit them in our domestic competition. More information about our development classes can be found by clicking the link below.


Active kids’ vouchers can be used for our development programs.


My child is younger than his/her friends, can they play up an age group?

Junior players may be able to play up one (1) age group. For example, if their correct age group is under 12’s then they will be only able to play in the Under 14s.


Does my team need to provide someone for score bench duty?

Yes, for each game, teams are required to provide one person for score-table.


Does my team need a uniform?

Yes, every team is required to wear matching singlets with a unique number on the back. You’re welcome to source your own singlets, or we can provide recommendations of suppliers who can assist with this. In addition, each player is required to wear black shorts.


After they have nominated a team what do they next?

Our Competitions manager will send out a link to all team delegates with team code and a player to team link. This link will then need to be forwarded by the delegates to all players via email. The players will then register themselves into their teams. The draw will follow.


Are U8’s & U10’s mixed?

Yes. U10’s is mixed however there is an option of a girls comp. Meaning girls can play in the boys comp however, we will be operating an all-girls comp


Fill ins?

Must be registered and have confirmation prior by the comp manager or by the court supervisor on the night.



For more information:

Competitions Department:
Phone: (02) 4385 3577
Email: competitions@ccbasketball.com.au