Players Looking for a Team Noticeboard

Below is a list of players who are looking to join a team, you are welcome to make contact with player directly and discuss team vacancies. Please advise us if you are listed below and have been successful in finding a team so that we can update our records accordingly.


First Surname F/M Competition E-mail Year of Birth / Comments Date Entered
Marie Hechter F U07A Miniball born ’14 20/8/20
Benjamin Sullivan M U07A Miniball born’14 13/10/20
Bohdi Pratt M U09MB Miniball born ’12 13/10/20
Taj Carr M U09MB Miniball born ’12, no experience 19/08/20
Jordan Trpeski-Tait M U9M Born ’14, Holiday programs and learn to play 14/09
Agura Akra M U9M Has playing experience 13/09
Caiden Heredia M U9M Has playing experience 13/09
Chelsea Hughan F U9F Born ’13, Played before, Aussie hoops an holiday camps 4/09
Aiden Keogh M U9M born ’13, Rising rebels & Aussie Hoops 13/10/20
Ethan Turner M U9M born ’12 13/10/20
Miller Forrester F U9M Born ’12, Participating in Basketball clinics 1/09

First Surname F/M Competition E-mail Year of Birth / Comments Date Entered
Aleksandar Cvijanovic M U11MB born ’11 13/10/20
Allison Firmino F U11WA Junior born ’10, experienced plays reps 20/8/20
Luke Small M U11MC/D born ’10, played at school 13/10/20
Grace Laughton F U11WA Junior born ’10 20/8/20
Eden Gilday-Graham F U11WB Junior born ’10 20/8/20
Noah Eyndhoven M U13MC Junior born ’09, no exp 20/8/20
Jai Smith M U13MC Junior born ’09 20/8/20
Aidan Wood M U13MC born ’09, played 3 seasons 13/10/20
Leo Crebert M U13MC/D Junior born ’08 – Domestic training 20/8/20
Rylee Hildridge M U13MC/D Junior born ’08, no experience 20/8/20
Silas Halbert M U13MD born ’08, Development sessions 13/10/20
Vanessa Caelli F U13WB/C born ’07, played at school & miniball 13/10/20
Lisette Tyson F U17WB Junior born ’04, played before 20/8/20
Regan O’Brien M U17MB Junior born ’04, played before 20/8/20
Keelan Black M U15M Junior Born ’03 played before, rep experience 16/09
Joey Rheinberger M U13M born 08′, looking for C grade team 17/09
Harley Kingi M U15M Born ’06, looking for a B grade team 16/09
Chaise Allison  M  U11M born ’10, previous playing experience 15/09
Billie Merchant F U9 Born ’13, Playing experience in a higher age group 20/09
William Dooley M U13M Born ’10, Played previously 14/09
Oliver Dooley M U13M Born ’08, played for the last 5 years 14/09
Leilani Masters F U13F born ’08, no team experience 18/09
Kate Rowe F U17F Born ’05, Previously played 21/09
Jacobes Rudd M U17M Born ’05, played before 13/10/20
Alfie Lane M U9M Born ’13, Previously played 20/09
Yesuf Siraji M U15M Born ’07, played at school, no team experience 18/09
Jaylin Dimech M U17M Born ’04, played at school 14/09
Cally Tingle F U13F Born ’08, Played in older age groups 14/09
OCEANA MANAHAN F U13F THBRAGAL@GMAIL.COM Has previously played 14/09
Daniel Healy M U17M Played for school team and in Sydney competitions 13/09
Marcus Parkinson M U13M participated in skills sessions 8/09
Zach Hughan M U11M Born ’10, Aussie hoops and holiday camps 4/09
Jackson Fleming M U15M Born ’06, previously played in Sydney 2/9
Ryan Haremaker M U15M Born 06, Previously played in a team 31/8
Caelan DeLacy M U13M Born ’08, trains with CCAS basketball team 31/8
Rorie DeLAcy M U17M Born ’04, Plays in the CCAS Basketball team 31/08
Kevin Matthews M U15M Born ’07, Plays school basketball 29/08

First Surname F/M Competition E-mail Year of Birth / Comments Date Entered
Melissa Smith F Senior Women/Netball played before 13/10/20
Amanda Ward-Collins F Senior Women C Grade Played netball 21/8/20
Nelda Samy F Senior Women B Grade played in high school 21/8/20
Michael Dickinson M Senior Prem/A Grade played before reps 21/8/20
Luke Asprey M Senior Men played before 13/10/20
Nigel Bradshaw M Senior Men playing prem/A grade at NSBA 13/10/20
Jordan Gregory M Senior Men played before 13/10/20
Blaize Matthews M Senior Men 13/10/20
Connor Parker M Senior Men played before, has individual coaching 13/10/20
Alex Mallett M Senior Men played before 13/10/20
Cameron Drew M Senior Men B/C Grade played before 21/8/20
Christian Homann M Senior Men B Grade played for 15 years 21/8/20
Matthew Wielicki M Senior Men B Grade played before 21/8/20
Chantelle Hayek F Winter Senior Women-C played at work, wants C Grade 21/8/20
Michael Trowbridge M Senior Men – A Grade played before 21/8/20
Desmond Larbi M Senior Men – B Grade played before 21/8/20
Andrew Little M Senior Men Played A grade previously 15/09
BLAKE SMITH M Senior Men Played overseas, as well as state league 14/09
Alan Stewart M Unisex Played in Sydney 13/09
Melissa Smith F Senior Women Currently playing Unisex looking for a women’s team 13/09
Ashley Hightower F Senior women Previous experience 11/09
Caleb Owen M Senior men Played representative basketball with the Waves 30/08