Senior Men Bench roster:

Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

Date/Time Breakers Court 1 Breakers Court 2 Breakers Court 3 Breakers Court 4
6:15 PM SMA Pinch n Roll
Tin Men vs Balls of steel
SMB To The Baseline
The Greats vs DOA
SMB The Who
76’s vs NA Bush Turkeys
SMC/D The Slimy Mackerels
Randoms vs Glory Days
7:00 PM PM Laura & Ali 
Jets vs Spectres
SMA The Greats
Pinch n Roll vs To the Baseline
SMB 76’s
The Who vs Too Much 2 Gobert
SMC/D Glory Days
The Slimy Mackerels vs Big Thursday Energy
7:50 PM PM Laura & Ali 
Zingers vs Blaze
SMB McLovin
Mongrels vs Basketbrawlers
SMC/D Too Much 2 Gobert
The hot sardines vs The Valley
SMC/D Big Thursday Energy
Young Bloods vs The Farm Team
8:40 PM PM Laura & Ali 
Allpoint Ballers vs Survival First Aid Kits
SMA Basketbrawlers
McLovin vs Two To Too
SMB The Valley
The Eye Gouges vs NLD Eagles
SMC/D Young Bloods
The Cows vs Unnamed
9:30 PM SMB The Eye Gouges
Pantherz vs Pirates

Senior Women Roster:

Tuesday, 18 Jan 2022

Date/Time Breakers Court 1 Breakers Court 2 Breakers Court 3 Breakers Court 4
7:00 PM SW A Black Magic
Optimists vs Nite Dribblers
SWB Arachnids
Blue Diamonds vs IDK
7:45 PM SW A Nite Dribblers
1995ers vs Black Magic
SWB Blue Diamonds
Arachnids vs FBG’s
8:30 PM SWB FBG’s
Hoops I did it again vs Basket Cases
  • Tuesday: Senior Women – A Grade, B Grade & C Grade
  • Thursday: Senior Men – Premier, A Grade, B Grade, C Grade & D Grade
  • Sunday: Unisex (mixed) – A Grade, B Grade & C Grade

COVID Update 10th January 2022

As we move through this next phase, we are following the NSW health guidelines and ask that our community work together to keep us safe. This is evolving but with training and competitions starting soon we ask that you:

  • Wear a mask at all times (if over the age of 12) when in the stadium and not involved in on-court activity – this is for everyone, players, parents, referees, coaches, managers, staff etc
  • Please kiss and drop your child for training and playing and only attend yourself if it’s absolutely necessary
  • Check in via Service NSW
  • If at all unwell please don’t attend the Stadium


  • Team Nomination Fees – $90.00
  • Game Fees – Premier Men $185.00 / Senior Players – $170.00
  • Individual Yearly Player Registration: Senior players – $135

Please note: Teams may be re-graded at the discretion of the Competition Manager.

Please also note that your entry may not be guaranteed if the competition/division is filled prior to receipt of your entry (in which case any payments made will be refunded).

Once registered a team code and link will sent out to delegates for team members to register themselves into the team. (membership and game fees will incur for players when registering)

Please select ‘General Club’ unless otherwise advised.

Team nominations will close on Friday 4th July 2021, unless filled otherwise (teams will be accepted on a first in, best dressed basis).



When does the competition run?

The competition will commence on Monday the 1st of November 2021 and run until Friday 11th April 2022.


Given the late start, what effect will this have on the competition?

The session will be shortened by 4 weeks due to the delayed start.

How will NSW Government COVID policies impact?

Click here for full details on the policies that impact players and their spectators.


What are the competitions offered and what days do they run?

Competitions offered:

Under 7’s Boys and Girls (born ’15, ’16) – Wednesday/Friday

Under 9’s Boys and Girls (born ’13, ’14) – Wednesday/Friday

Under 11’s Boys and Girls (born ’11, ’12) – Thursday /Friday

Under 13’s Boys and Girls (born ’09, ’10) – Tuesday/Friday

Under 15’s Boys and Girls (born ’07,’08) – Monday/Friday

Under 17’s Boys and Girls (born ’05, ’06) – Monday/Friday

Under 19’s Men and Women (born ’03, ’04) – Wednesday

Senior Men (16 and above) – Thursday nights

Senior Women (16 and above) – Tuesday nights

Netball (14 and above) – Wednesday nights


Process for registering a team.

Follow the team nomination link to register the team by Sunday 24th October UNLESS the competition is filled prior. Team delegates are to enter the team and pay the team nomination fee. After the teams are accepted into the competition, a link with information regarding the competition will be sent to delegates directly, for onforwarding to players. Players MUST use this link to register themselves into the team. Failure to register into a team may mean you will not be able to take the court.


Will there be a break for during school holidays?

Yes, the competition will break for the NSW public school holiday periods. Teams that play on public holidays generally receive a credit for their games missed if their games are not rescheduled to another night.


Will overflow games still be played on a Friday?

Yes, for select age groups.


How much does it cost to play?

Annual Registration:

Each player is required to pay a Basketball NSW registration fee which provides injury insurance for a 12-month period.

The cost for this is as follows:

  • Under 8 – $65
  • 8 years – 11 years – $85
  • 12 years – 17 years – $115
  • 18 years and over – $135

Throughout the online registration process this will show as two separate amounts which will total the amount listed above. More information is on the Basketball NSW website.

Active kids’ vouchers can be used to contribute towards annual registration costs.

Team Nominations:

Each team will need to pay a nomination fee when entering a team nomination:

Under 7’s and Under 9’s – $60 per team

Under 11’s-Under 19’s – $90 per team

Team nomination fee is only refunded if there is a late entry, and the team cannot participate or the team pulls out after the first week of competition. 

Game fees:

Each player will be required to pay the following game fees for the competition:

Junior: $10 per player per game invoiced up front for the entire season.

Senior: $10.50 per player per game invoiced up front for the entire season.

All fees are due by the end 2nd Week of competition. We are reinforcing a strict – no pay no play policy. Failure to pay will mean that the player is unfinancial and will not be able to participate until payment has been made, or a payment plan has been communicated. Players will be individually invoiced directly by our accounts department.

Please note: Individual players who were non-financial from the previous competition with monies owing (outside of any installment arrangements) will not be able to play at all, until this is debt has been paid. This includes any monies owing for representative or other CCB programs.

Active kids’ vouchers can be used to contribute towards game fees.

Previously we have paid game fees per team, why has this changed?

Previously there was a team nomination fee of $80 per team then game fees were charged per game, which ranged from $60-$80 per game. CCB has implemented a new system, that works off a per player model. These game fees will be invoiced by our accounts team direct to all players.


Will teams be charged a forfeit fee if the forfeit is caused by their team?


We’d love to see as many games happen as possible, while keeping all our members safe and healthy, but we know that throughout the season teams will be unable to play due to COVID. As such, we have reviewed our forfeiture policy and from 17th January until 8th April 2022, we will trial an additional policy:

  • Any teams forfeiting for COVID related reasons with a minimum 4-hour notice period will be fined a $50 forfeiture fee per forfeited match
  • Any teams forfeiting for COVID related reasons with a less than 4 hours notice will be fined a $70 forfeiture fee per forfeited match
  • Any teams forfeiting without providing notice to the Competitions Manager will be fined $140 per forfeited match as per the current forfeit structure
  • Any forfeiture fines will be required to be paid prior to the start of the next game for the team. 50% of unnotified will be given to the team that had received the forfeit

We will review this policy again post the trial period.


How many players should I have on my team?

Teams are required to have a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 10 players.


How many grades will there be?

This depends on how many teams enter the competition. But as a general guideline, there is an A grade, B grade and C grade and possibly D grade.


What if we nominate into the wrong grade?

The first four weeks will be grading, so we will move teams up or down grades if required after the initial 4 weeks of the competition. We want our players to enjoy the competition and not feel like they are up against teams who have a vastly different skill level.


When do team nominations open for the Summer Competition?

Team nomination are typically up 6 weeks prior to the commencement date. However, for the 2021-22 Summer competition, these timeframes have varied, as our priority is to return to play for 1st November 2021.


How do I submit a team nomination?

Team nominations can be submitted via our website through the gameday portal. PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION ON GAMEDAY NOMINATION FORM BEFORE SUBMITTING TEAM.


What if I don’t have a team?

If you don’t have a team, complete our Looking for a team form. We will then try to match you up with other players or put you in contact with other teams who are looking for a player. 


Does my team need to provide someone for score bench duty?

Yes, for each game, teams are required to provide one person for score-table


How do I use courtside (score bench application)

Basketball Australia Learning Video:

Courtside Instructional Video Part 1: Launch and Setup

Courtside Instructional Video Part 2: Adding a New Player or Coach

Courtside Instructional Video Part 3: Assigning Scores, Fouls & Timeouts

Courtside Instructional Video Part 4: Editing Actions

Courtside Instructional Video Part 5: Referee Action


Does my team need a uniform?

Yes, every team is required to wear matching singlets with a unique number on the back. You’re welcome to source your own singlets, or we can provide recommendations of suppliers who can assist with this. In addition, each player is required to wear black shorts.


After they have nominated a team what do they do next?

Our Competitions Manager will send out a link to all team delegates with a team code and a link to connect players to the team. Team delegates will then need to be forward this to all players via email. The players will then register themselves into their teams. The draw will follow.


What are the rules on “Fill in players”?

All players filling in teams, must be registered and have confirmation prior by the Competition Manager or by the Court Supervisor on duty at the time. And can only fill in a maximum 4 times before considered a part of a team.

Senior Men Bench roster

Semi Finals
6:15pm Staff Two to too Basketbrawlers Uptown dunk
7:15pm Staff tin men too much to gobert hurricanes
8:15pm Staff olden state 76’s big Thursday energy

Senior Women Bench roster

6:30pm Optimists Arachnids
7:30pm 1995ers Blue bottles


By competing in a Central Coast Basketball Competition, you are agreeing to abide by the Central Coast Basketball & Breakers Indoor Sports Stadium Competition By-Laws, Codes of Conduct, Fee Schedule and Risk Policy. Click here to view all Policies.

Please note that senior Competitions will break during the following times:

  • Summer Competition – January to June (inclusive)
  • Winter Competition – July to December (inclusive)