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Coach Matt’s style of coaching is all inclusive with an individual based approach to players strengths, weaknesses and performance levels.

Matt is a passionate, driven and consistent coach who goes above and beyond expectation in all areas of coaching.

As the Rebels U12 Division 2 coach, Matt has been successful in seeing his team promoted to Division 1 in two consecutive seasons.

His natural ability to increase the performance in those he trains has seen him become well respected and admired by players, clients and the basketball community as a whole.

As a fully qualified Personal Trainer with his own business Eye of the Tiger Coaching, Matt is results driven, detail orientated and professionally organised, with a desire to see you succeed. When you invest in Matt, Matt invests in you.

You should expect to be pushed, challenged, motivated and inspired and achieve goals beyond your expectations.

Matt’s qualifications include Cert III & IV in Fitness, Community Club Coach (Level 1) with over 20 years of professional experience in business

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