Jacob Cracknell

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Position:: Wing/Guard

How old were you when you began playing basketball:: 5

What is your most memorable basketball moment?: Winning the club's first mens championship division state championship on our home floor is definitely my most memorable moment

Which team do you follow in the NBL / WNBL ?: Sydney Kings

Which team to do you follow in the NBA / WNBA ? : Whoever is winning

What is your main focus for this season? : Definitely the main focus is to go back to back and and win another banner

What is your favourite thing to do before a game?: I like being at the stadium throughout the day watching my brother and sister play and watching the other teams play as well as getting my own shots up before our warmup

What’s one thing that not very many people know about you?: That I love the show Breaking Bad and have watched it completely 3 times through

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?: Playing golf with my mates or my Dad