Crusaders Athlete Agreement – Waratah 1 Teams

On behalf of Central Coast Basketball (CCB), I am pleased to offer you a position in the Central Coast Crusaders Waratah One Men’s / Women’s Team for the 2021 Basketball New South Wales Managed Competition or equivalent.

The athlete agrees to:

  • Train and compete with CCB for the 2021 season
  • Provide up to 10 hours of volunteer work for CCB in a 12-month period
  • Abide by CCB Code of Conduct as described in the Player Handbook
  • Partake in the CCB & Newcastle University High Performance Support Program
  • Participate in fundraising activities for CCB
  • Assist in gaining a player sponsor
  • Embrace the significance and responsibility of the position, whilst being an active and positive member in the greater community

In return, the Central Coast Basketball agrees to:

  • Allow you to partake in the Crusaders program with zero fees
  • Provide you with an Impact Gym Membership
  • Provide the player with a complete team uniform
  • Provide the playing uniform, which is to stay with the team
  • Provide tape and other medical supplies for games


Crusader Player Agreement - Waratah 1 Teams