Advanced Junior Referee Program

This program takes in highly dedicated and passionate referees who want referee at an elite level. The inductees will attend workshops run by state level referees which will give them in depth coaching on all aspects of basketball and officiating. The inductees will also mentor in the junior domestic competitions to spread information and teach other referees. The aim of this program is to mentor the inductees to a state grading once they graduate at 18.

2020 AJRP Participants

  • Belinda Dalton (also JDP)
  • Isabella Naylor (also JDP)
  • Sam Jackson
  • Benjamin McLennan Kastelan
  • Jack Lowe
  • Kain Rifai

2020 AJRP Coaches

  • Ben Dunlop (Head of AJRP)
  • Zara Baldwin
  • Ross Dewell