Referee Availability Form

Referee Availability and PAYG Hobby Declaration

  1. PLEASE indicate which day(s) you would like to officiate.
  2. PLEASE indicate which games you would like to be rostered on each day.
  3. PLEASE indicate if you will be participating (player/coach) in any competition on that day.
  4. PLEASE note that should insufficient officials nominate for the latest panel, the previous panel may be rotated to later games.

Referee Roster Guidelines:

Please not the following roster guidelines:
Trainee (u9-u14) Association Community (u9-u15) Association Development (u9-u22) Association Intermediate (All grades) Association Advanced (All grades) Senior Officials (All grades)

  • $5 Bonus paid for last timeslot (min. 2 games)
  •  (Required to meet guidelines)


Referee Availability Form

  • Monday Referee Availability:
  • Tuesday Referee Availability:
  • Wednesday Referee Availability:
  • Thursday Referee Availability:
  • Friday Referee Availability:
  • Sunday Referee Availability:



By submitting this form you are agreeing to abide with the Breakers Indoors Sports Stadium Basketball Association Referee Guidelines & Codes of Conduct. Visit our website for details.