Referee Program Info

Central Coast Basketball Association provides a state leading Referee Program in development of officials of all levels. The program is designed to reward dedicated and committed referees to either the domestic or representative competitions. Through all domestic competitions, experienced referee educators are available to provide on court training to all referees whilst also being available to spectators, coaches and players for any questions or concerns about the rules and adjudication. Our coaches and administration also maintain the Basketball NSW grading framework through game assessments and training courses to ensure that our referees continuing to receive feedback and are progressing as officials.

Referee Pathways

Central Coast Basketball have a dedicated program for the beginner, representative and elite:

  • The Green Shirt Program involves on courts shadow refereeing, coaching material, training course and online exam. 
  • The Representative Refereeing Program ensures all referees have attended an action day and have received appropriate training to succeed whilst being one of the only associations state-wide to provide bonus payments to referees committed to refereeing at this level (Rebels players can have this bonus paid to their representative fees).
  • The Advanced Junior Referee Program is an intensive training program which provides workshops, in game coaching and assistance on the BNSW pathways.
  • Our Senior Referee Pathway provides the opportunity for Senior Referees to hone their craft at domestic, representative, Basketball NSW Waratah League, right through to the NBL1 and NBL. For more information, click on the links below.


Our program resources are focused on achieving a brand of referee which makes Central Coast Basketball Referee’s state and nationally renowned. As a referee group we strive towards this ethos daily:

  • Professional– punctual to all games they referee, dressed well
  • Humble – referee all games because of the love of the game not for personal agendas
  • Always Learning – never stop learning and wanting to improve from every game and piece of advice
  • Team players – work with all stakeholders of a game to deliver a fair product

We adapt the Basketball NSW grading system for all association referees. Using this framework allows our referees to easily move up the pathway to referee at an elite level in the Waratah Junior and Senior Leagues. Grading also provides incentive to our referees in to continuing to provide refereed games in all junior and senior domestic competitions. To move up a grade, a referee must pass two on court evaluations, attend and pass a training course and pass an online exam. Training courses are provided often, eligible referees will be contacted for all local courses. Referees are paid according to their grade. The framework is as follows:

  • Green Shirt Program
    • T1 – can only referee as a shadow to an experienced referee (min. age 11)
    • T2 –will referee games by themselves under constant supervision (min. age 11)
  • Association Community – refereeing 12s or 14s domestic comp only (min. age 12)
  • Association Development– black and white who can referee 12, 14 and 16s. If over 14, should be able to referee 12s reps (min. age 14)
  • Association Intermediate– able to referee all junior domestic competition. Junior representative up to 16 men. Able to referee B grade and lower senior domestic comp competently and consistently doing occasional A games with an advanced or above (min. age 15)
  • Association Advanced– all levels of junior representative and all levels of junior and senior domestic comp (min. age 17)


Join the Team and Get Involved:

Becoming a Referee is a great first job for a young person and is proven to build the following skills:

  • Confidence
  • Decision Making
  • Behavioural Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Deeper understanding of the game
  • Leadership
  • Resilience
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Team work

We are always looking for more people to join our Referee teams and we now have dedicated team members, Referee Coaches and Educators available to have you feel supported and set up for success on our Referee learning journey. Sign up to be a Junior Referee here 

For more info on our Referee program email:


Referee of the Month Program

The Referee of the Month program is based on the Focus Point of the Month decided upon by the Referee Educating Team. Before the month begins, all referees will have access to the resources on the focus topic in the “Referee Resources” link on this page. They can read up on the topic and answer a 10-question quiz (the quiz has unlimited attempts). The Referee of the Month will be voted upon by the Referee Coaches and AJRP mentors viewing on court performance and considering the quiz results. Take a look at some of our historical honours board that recognises some referees.

Previous recipients :

In the month of February our focus was signalling and mechanics.

And the referee of the month was awarded to Jasmin Piggott.

Jasmin is still only new to refereeing but in a sort period of time has become a standout official who continues to up the standard of everyone around her. Our mentors were most impressed with her receptiveness to coaching and eagerness to improve. Her signalling was outstanding hence why she will receive Referee of the Month for February and a $50 gift voucher to Breakers Country Club!

Max consistently displays the professional values of CCB referees.

He displays all the key 1%ers such as presentation, punctuality, organisation and respect which leads the way amongst our junior referee cohort. Our referee coaches were most impressed with how well he responds to their coaching.

Max on several occasions, has made appropriate tweaks to his refereeing in response to observations made by our referee educators which shows his persistence to being the best referee he can be.

Max is a leader among our new black and white and green shirt referees and is well deserving of our referee of the month!