Central Coast Basketball players begin their representative pathway as Rebels (Under 12’s-18’s).

Rebels athletes use the discomfort of learning and growing to craft a path to rise and achieve greatness. They use their individuality to band together to form a strong cohesive team who strive get the job done. Working as one unit alongside our talented coaches and leaders they create a vision that all athletes get behind. They are open to new ways of learning, and they are on the rise in their basketball careers.

Once graduating from Rebels athletes wishing to take their basketball career to the next level have the opportunity to become a Crusader.

Crusaders are relentless in their campaign to win and achieve greatness. As athletes they are ready to take the next step in both their individual growth and their ability to work in a team environment. They lean in to each other to become a stronger and more powerful force. Crusaders understand that to win the ultimate battle they must bring their best to every practice, and every game. They believe in themselves and each other and invest physically and mentally into the program to give them the best opportunity to achieve the ultimate goal.